...that can't be hard, can it?

I have heard this quite a number of times and to answer the question, no an event isn't physically hard to design, but they do require considerable talent, knowledge and a whole lot of time.

the obvious bits

Well of course there is the stage set. I love a good set just like the next person. But lets wind backwards a bit before we put nails to the timber or give it that lick of paint and lets address a couple of reasonably important factors.

Who is your target audience and what is their demographic?
Does the venue you are thinking of choosing fit that audience?
Does the event have a theme and does the theme have a supporting graphical direction?
What types of pre-event marketing are you doing to drive attendance?
Have you looked at alternatives such as bus shelter or train billboards?
Have you thought about viral marketing campaigns in email and mobile phones?
Do you need a FB site or Blog set up and maintained in the lead up to your event?

the time consuming bits

We are here to help you answer all of the above.
We can and do develop themes, marketing messages and supporting graphics for most, if not all the events we do.
We also use our network to locate venues that might not only be a better fit demographically but also financially more beneficial.
We develop strategies for your pre-event campaigns inclusive of print adverts, eDM's, BTL posters and viral campaigns.
If your event warrants we can even develop ATL advertisements for print, TV and new medias.
We design and produce event signage for room signs, bus signs and even the odd toilet sign.
We CAN also design you a nice set...