...more practitioners every day.

Some of us started designing before the age of computers when a pencil, a piece of paper and a good idea was all you needed.

the obvious bits

Well nothing has changed really.
Firstly, you still need a good idea. If you don't have that, all the computers in China are not going to help.
We have been coming up with good ideas for a long time. We are getting quite good at it, even if sometimes we have to be the ones saying it.
And secondly, no matter how small a job we still start out analogue, we get out the pad and pencils, perhaps a freshly brewed coffee, sit down and draw it. Old habits die hard, but it's a good thing too. A matter of minutes with a pencil versus hours on a computer only to come to the conclusion that the idea isn't going to fly. Which would you prefer to pay for?

the time consuming bits

Now we have the latest computers with the latest software. We have scanners and printers, tablets and touchscreens. Whether you are after a simple vector logo built in Illustrator, photo retouching in PhotoShop, a small animation built in Flash or even a new website built using all of the above plus some more thrown in, we have done it and if you like we can do it again for you.
3D visualisations of our events & exhibits come care of Cinema 4D, VectorWorks & Sketch-Up. Or perhaps we use these tools for good and produce a small 3D animation for you next presentation.
Whatever it is we can drop it on our FTP server making it accessible from anywhere in the world, so don't let your location, or ours for that matter, be a hang-up. We are regular con-callers, and we consider Skype to be our friend.
And remember, we do have a lovely drawing board and light box if your after that hand drawn look ...