...would be a bad thing!

I can't spell for nuts either but I do have spell check on everything I own.

the obvious bits

Factors out of my control pushed some writing gigs my way. I knew from an old blog I wrote a couple of years ago that I could do it. Actually I could do it well, but i had never had the time to sit, think and write. I did, I liked it. I did it again, more enjoyment and every now and then I do and I am making the most of it.
Magazine articles about Photographers, Ghost writing about Trips to Japan, artists life changes and cult bicycle riders are some of the diverse topics that I get to play with.
Corporate writing for catalogues, brochures, websites and more are especially easy for this free thinking English speaking Australian living in Indonesia. I read and write both American and English fluently.

the time consuming bits

Research would have to be the biggest time eater for this area. I can write about anything you like or even things you don't like, but I have to have some knowledge on it so I have to do my homework.
Just like my kids this isn't the fun part for me but I have realised that I need background on a subject to speak about it with any authority.
Wit is a good tool too but it is perhaps the second biggest time consumer. Lets face it, most things aren't funny people just have to be shown how to see them that way. I like that bit of the job.
Having travelled to 80 odd countries over the past 23 years gives me a sizable chunk of knowledge when it comes to travel. Although I am definitely not a travel writer, at this point, it is an area that I would like to further develop. Just in case anyone is wondering. Hint, hint...